About Bindhu Jaise

Welcome to Uppumangaa.com, your favorite recipe page on Facebook has got a new home here. First of all, let me express my heartfelt thanks to your warm support throughout the last years. We have grown to more than 330,000 followers in Facebook as of now.

Uppumangaa’s success shows us how much we value our authentic food preparations that we miss in today’s fast paced life. Being Malayalalees we live in various parts of the world, away from our motherland, and obviously its tasty and nostalgic foods keep coming back to us as loving memories that we always want to go back to. If we revisit those old days by memories, we can realize that our mothers and grandmothers were in fact expressing their love when they made those special snacks and sweets, tangy tasted pickles, our favorite jackfruit mash, tapioca boiled along with spicy onion chutney and much more. All that Uppumangaa wanted was to re-create those tastes in our lives and there by relive those days once again in our lives wherever we are today. And you have welcomed my effort with an open heart.

To those who don’t know me personally, I’m Bindhu Jaise, living in the Middle East, with my husband and daughter. I work in the Medical field here under Government’s supervision. Posting these recipes is a passion I pursue during my free time.

Even though the Facebook Page is well-received and useful to many of us, I keep getting one complaint that is about the difficulty in finding recipes based on search especially my old posts in Facebook Page. Hence I thought a blog type website would be of great help to those who need a recipe in one click. This website is designed to help you find your recipes by date, category, search and ingredients. The site is accessible on your mobile devices as well.

Please send your valuable feedback to gmail.com .
With love and smiles,
Bindhu Jaise