Chakka Vevichathu/Mashed Jackfruit

This is an inviting traditional dish of Kerala cuisine.Chakka is the Malayalam of jackfruit.Chakka is packed with antioxidants.There are around fourty wonderful recipes with jackfruit such as chakka vattal,chakka erissery,chakka halwa,chakka ada,chakka varattiyathu etc.Mshed jackfruit/chakka vevichathu/chakka puzhukku is made of unripen fruit mixed with grated coconut and flavoured with spices.Mango pickle is the best combination with this though I prefer to have this with a teaspoon of coconut oil.Here I share how the authentic/traditional way of cooking this.


Unripe jackfruit fleshhalf of one jackfruit
Jackfruit seedsfew
Green chilly/kanthariaccording to your tolerance
Garlic3-4 pods
Cumin seeds/Cheriya Jeerakam1/4 tspn
Curry leaves1 sprig
Turmeric powder1/4 tspn
Saltto taste

In a wide vessel,add chopped jackfruit flesh and roughly chopped jackfruit seeds. Cook this by adding required water in a medium flame. An imporatant point to remember: you should add very little amount of water . If the water exceeds,this will be in a curry.

Meanwhile, grind coconut,kanthari, garlic, cumin seeds, curry leaves coarsely by adding a little water and keep aside.

Remove the cover and check the jackfruit is cooked three- fourth. Now add required salt, turmeric powder, a little coconut oil and ground coconut to this.
Close the cover and let it steam for about five minutes in a low flame. Turn off the flame and mix well.

Chakka Vevichathu is ready. Serve hot with Kadumanga/mango pickle, coconut oil, etc.


The main reason of the aroma of this traditional dish is crushed curry leaves and coconut oil.

Adjust the quantity of chilly according to your tolerance.

If you like to do seasoning this, you could do it.


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