Instant Mango Pickle/Pacha Manga Achar/Kadumaga

This mango pickle is very quick and easy to prepare using raw mangoes .You can make this within 10 minutes.Besides,you can prepare this even with one mango.In some places of Kerala,it is called as Kadumanga.Here,we don’t use garlic or ginger.


Raw mangoes2 medium
Kashmeeri Chilly powder1 teaspoon
Asafoetida powder2 pinch/ approximately half teaspoon
Fenugreek powderapproximately half teaspoon
Saltas required
Water½ cup
Curry leaves2 sprig
Mustard seeds½ teaspoon
Oilas required

Wash and chop the mangoes with or without skin.

Mix well adding some salt and keep aside.

Heat oil in a pan.Add mustard seeds and let it splutter.

Bring down the flame to low-medium.

Add chilly powder,fenugreek powder,asafetida powder into this and let it heat for few seconds.Add required water to this and bring to boil.

When it boils well,add chopped mangoes into this .Add salt if required and mix well.Turn off the flame and remove from the stove top.

Instant mango pickle is ready .

Serve with hot rice and chammanthi.


Adjust the amount of chilly powder as per your tolerance.

You can use any oil to make this instant pickle.

You can make this wonderful picke with in a jiffy.

Use mago either with skin or skinless.

You should refrigerate this as we added water to make this instantly ..


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