Don’t add yeast always in the batter!!

We are keralites and we love to enjoy the traditional delicacies like palappam, vellayappam/kallappam etc. These have to be made either with yeast or baking soda.Though you feel heartburn with the recurrent usage of yeast right? Don’t worry.Here is a great tip fom my Amma and sharing it with you all.


Batter- 2 tablespoon
A glass jar
8 hours
15 minutes

Usually we grind the rice to a smooth batter and it is known as appam batter.

When you prepare the batter, you preserve two tablespoon of the batter in a closed container and keep in the refrigerator.

Next time, when you want to make appam batter, don’t add yeast.

Add this preserved old batter to the new batter and mix well.

Keep the batter to rest overnight or 8 hours.

Appam batter is ready.

Do try this tip and see how it worked out for you.

Friends,I shared the idea of what to do if you forgot to soak the rice .

(in the Facebook 4 years back).I know  ,many of you follow that wonderful tip.Now,this is another excellent tip from your favourite Food page won’t get heartburn if you make like this.Besides,this is a healthy way too.Kindly let me know your feedback in the below comments .


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